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Has the feeling of freedom on two wheels always appealed to you? At Caland Driving School you will not only discover how to control your motorcycle safely and confidently, but also the unprecedented freedom that motorcycling brings. In Amsterdam we offer you a complete package: from the basics to obtaining your motorcycle license, all for a fair and clear price.

Get a motorcycle license

What are you going to do?

The process towards your motorcycle license at Caland Driving School includes the following steps:

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Clothing requirements for motorcycle driving lessons

We arrange the right clothing

For us, your learning experience is central, and that also means ensuring your safety and comfort from the first lesson. We provide you with the necessary motorcycle clothing and helmet, so that you, well protected, can fully focus on mastering motorcycle riding.

We arrange:

Of course you can also provide your own motorcycle clothing.

Various motorcycle licenses

Practical Information

To obtain a motorcycle license, you must take two practical exams: one for vehicle control (AVB) and one for traffic participation (AVD). There are three categories of motorcycle licenses: A1 for light engines, A2 for medium duty engines, riding a A for heavy engines.

The legislation surrounding motorcycle licenses was adapted to EU rules in November 2017. Anyone who obtained their driving license before then is still subject to the old regulations.

If you are 18 years old, you are eligible for the A1 motorcycle license, suitable for light motorcycles. From the age of 17 you can start taking driving lessons and take the theory exam.

From the age of 20 you can obtain the A2 motorcycle license for medium-duty motorcycles. You can start driving lessons for this type of motorcycle at this age, provided you have passed your motorcycle theory exam or already have a driving license.

From the age of 21 you can apply for the A license for heavy motorcycles. Driving lessons are permitted from this age, provided you have passed the motorcycle theory exam or have a driving license. If you obtain the A license before the age of 24, you will receive code 80 on your driver's license, which entails restrictions until the code expires, two years after obtaining the driver's license or when you turn 24. Then you can ride any motorcycle without an additional exam.



Thijs R
Thijs R
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Very nice driving school, Yasin and Zafer are both good instructors. Exams are also scheduled very quickly, I had already scheduled my AVB and AVD within a month or 2.
Patrick Camara
Patrick Camara
Read more
Good instructors! (I've had lessons with Semanur, Yasin, Muhammet and Emre) They give good tips and good feedback after the lessons. Before I started riding I knew very little, but after all the lessons I feel comfortable while riding.
Freek van Engelen
Freek van Engelen
Read more
Very nice driving school! I rode with Emre myself. Laughed a lot but also learned a lot and quickly. Thanks to him, he passed in one go! Highly recommended! Greetings from Van Bommel.
Edgar Elizabeth
Edgar Elizabeth
Read more
Very nice driving school instructors are relaxed, clear and patient. thank you guys and also the ladies at the counter, you are all great!
Edgar Elizabeth
Edgar Elizabeth
Read more
The instructors Zafer and Yasin are great! All peace and patience. Good instructions and great thinking. The ladies at the counter are great too! Thinking along, helping you plan and doing everything within their power to help you succeed. You guys are great!!
Daniel Streim
Daniel Streim
Read more
Top driving school! AVB and AVD achieved in one go! The driving instructors and their colleagues are very relaxed and professional! I can recommend them 100%!
Sam Spijkerman
Sam Spijkerman
Read more
I wanted to pass the exam quickly and I passed it with Yasin within 2,5 weeks! Top driving school and they did their best to let me get it as quickly as possible because I am going abroad for a while.
Mark Kassteen
Mark Kassteen
Read more
Very pleasant experience with successfully obtaining my motorcycle license. Skilled and fun instructors who quickly give you the confidence to hit the road. Good, cozy and relaxed atmosphere at the driving school itself. There is always a cup of coffee ready. Thanks everyone!
Bekir Dogan
Bekir Dogan
Read more
After having had a day's course before the day of my exam, everything was explained very informative and neatly. With Emre's efforts as a theory teacher, I can proudly say that I passed my motorcycle theory!

AVB exam Amsterdam

The AVB exam

The AVB exam takes place on special CBR motorcycle training areas. Not every location has a practice area, so sometimes travel is necessary. Upon arrival there is an opportunity to practice. 

You pass if you perform 5 of the 7 exercises correctly; you may fail 2 exercises. This process tests your vehicle control and prepares you for safe traffic participation.


AVD exam Amsterdam

The AVD Exam

After successfully completing the AVB exam, you focus on... AVD exam, where you go on public roads under the guidance of an instructor, who maintains communication via a microphone. The preparation includes three themes: making your motorcycle ready to drive, vehicle control with a focus on viewing technique, braking, following distance, overtaking and turning, and safety focused on anticipation and decisive driving behavior.

There is a lead time for the AVD exam to get used to it and reduce nerves, during which the examiner pays attention to viewing behavior, position on the road, and interaction with other road users.

Motorcycle driving lesson costs

Motorcycle driving lesson rates


  • Mini € 976-
    € 899-

    10 lessons + AVB + AVD EXAMS

  • Compact € 1.211, -

    15 lessons + AVB + AVD EXAMS

  • Basic € 1.446, -

    20 lessons + AVB + AVD EXAMS

  • Premium € 1.916, -

    30 lessons + AVB + AVD EXAMS

  • Administration costs € 27,50
  • Urgent surcharge € 100, -


Single rates

  • Trial lesson € 50, -
  • Single driving lesson € 52, -
  • Strip card 6 € 306, -
  • Strip card 10 € 500, -
  • AVB exam € 201, -

    (vehicle control)

  • AVD exam € 305, -

    (Vekeers participation)

  • Health certificate € 44,50

    (mandatory, can be requested via